About Me

Hi there 👋🏽

Looks, like you’ve found my little corner of the Internet!

Since you’re here, let me tell you a little bit about myself: I’m a twenty-something year old from Seattle, Washington who loves travel, coffee, food, fashion, music, and avocados.


After doing the nine-to-five thing post graduation for a year, I was left feeling completely unsatisfied and underwhelmed with the corporate world. I decided to drop everything and come teach english in Spain with the auxiliar program!

That was in August 2015. Fast forward to now, and I’m still living in Europe. Since leaving Seattle I’ve lived in Valladolid (Spain), Randers (Denmark), and am currently living in the southern capital of Spain, Seville!

I am still working with the Auxiliar program, however I have also picked up a sales and marketing job at a start up tech company here in Seville.

I blog snapshots of my life along the way. Don’t be a stranger and check in every so often 🙂

Contact: giovannaotapia@gmail.com
Instagram: gotapia92


7 Replies to “About Me”

  1. I’m from Seattle and love Spain as well. It all started with opening up our home to an exchange student from Madrid several years ago. Our story has been published in Journeys to Mother Love and now his music (talent discovered here in Seattle) is accompanying a movie showing in Nigeria. http://ardisanelson.com/2015/07/02/not-your-typical-exchange-student-experience/ So you never know what lies ahead for you in Spain. It is a beautiful country. My advice, make sure you find other Americans in Spain to connect with. It can be very isolating. Disfrutar de la aventura!


  2. And to think I met you while yuou were doing the 9-5 thing back in 2012. What a wonderful way for things to turn out. Your Instagram gives me such travel envy but I equally live vicariously through your travel adventures. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Kat!! How great to hear from you… haha, i wasn’t quite doing the 9-5 then, I was still a wee college student finishing up my university degree! But it looks like you’ve done quite a bit of traveling yourself lately. Still hoping for that Paris hostel fam reunion on day ❤ much love


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