Caminito del Rey (previously referred to as the world’s scariest footpath)- Malaga, Spain

Caminito del Rey, or roughly translated as “King’s Walk”, is an elevated cliff-side pathway in the southern region of Andalucia, not too far from Malaga.

Friends and I midway through the hike

The path was originally built as a means for construction workers to get around the hydroelectric power plants in the area, but has now been re-purposed into a 3k scenic walk (or hike- whatever you prefer to call it).

After a period of closure due multiple deaths, the path was finally reopened to visitors in 2015. Of course, the walkway was completely renovated and made safe during the years it was closed. In fact the hike is now completely regulated and monitored for safety by onsite employees.

Suspending bridge- it was quite windy so I could feel it moving

In order to visit Caminito del Rey, tickets must be purchased ahead of time ( my friends and I booked ours about 2 months ahead. I believe the ticket itself is around 10-15 euros. If you are going via train as we did from Sevilla/Malaga to El Chorro, a bus ticket should also be purchased to take you to the entrance of the hike .

The Guadalhorce River that runs below
You can see the original footpath below the renovated one at various points along the way

Upon arrival, each visitor is given a safety helmet for safety measures. The hike takes visitors along the Guadalhorce River in the Garganta del Chorro gorge. It is definitely not the scenery I expected to see in the southern region of Spain, so it was a pleasant surprise to visit. At various points, hikers can look below to see the original footpath just below the newly installed one!


It has been featured by National Geographic and LonelyPlanet as one of the best hikes around the world- and I can totally see why! There were so many stunning viewpoints along the way. I fully recommended any and all adventurers to go (so long as you don’t suffer from vertigo that is).

Post hike snacks at a nearby restaurant

Sinceramente, Gigi


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