Aarhus- Denmark

Since Copenhagen was too far and too expensive to get to on a regular basis, Susi and I tried frequenting the next best thing as often as we could: Aarhus.

Aarhus was just about a 30-40 minute trip from the farm (depending on whether we went via bus or car). And although it felt like we went tons of times, looking back it looks like we only visited twice….oops. Regardless, we got to see it and know it pretty well.

The “high street” in Aarhus

Anyways, Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and also supposedly the happiest (happiest city in the happiest country? That’s a lot of happy). Despite it being the second largest city it is, like most Danish cities, still pretty small with just around 300,000 inhabitants. It does have a large student/young population (actually I Wikipedia’ed it just now and it says it’s “home to Aarhus University, which is Scandinavia’s largest university…..and it’s the Danish city with the youngest demographics, with 48,482 inhabitants aged under 18”), which made it a good place for Susi and I to take a weekend getaway.

The River walk

Our first visit happened to coincide with the Aarhus International Jazz Festival, which was really nice because it meant that there were little jazz concerts scattered around the city. We’d wander around the city center and stumble upon various concerts all weekend. It didn’t quite seem to be the happeing thing for young people to be doing- most other spectators were probably retired age lol- but it was fun nonetheless.

Jazz concert during the Jazz Festival- Groovy

The nightlife in Aarhus is definitely more lively than that of good old Randers, so we tried to make the most of our nights out. One thing we learned is that the Danes don’t seem to be particularly interested in partaking in a little dance dance. Doesn’t seem to be something they enjoy, or are particularly good at- harsh but true. Sorry lol. Still, Susi and I always found somewhere to dance our little butts off! Anyways, most of the Aarhus nightlife is situated along the main river walk. There we found a good combination of bars, restaurants, and club type places.

View from our Airbnb

As far as accommodation goes, we stayed at an Airbnb near the university the first time around. In general our hosts were nice and polite- very danish! One of them however was a bit clingy….. We asked where we could go out for a fun night and after suggesting a place he ever so slyly invited himself out on Susi and I’s girl night- “I was gonna take a walk anyways, so I can point you guys in the right direction”…..”I might as well put on a nice shirt if I’m gonna leave the house”…..”I don’t want to be smelly so I’m just gonna spray some cologne real quick”…..”I might as well grab a drink with you girls if I’m gonna be out and dressed already”….That was literally the escalation of events. Awkward. So we went out as a trio and hit up the Aarhus nightlife. He eventually parted ways with us, but did later end up trying to come in our room in the early hours of the morning. Our door was locked, thanks goodness. Soooo anyways given our first….interesting….Airbnb experience in Aarhus, on our second trip we decided to borrow a car and just drive back to Randers after our night out instead. Plus TBH it was such a last minute trip that airbnbs were super limited and expensive. Bless Susy for being the one to drive- I don’t drive manual so I kinda lucked out!!

Nice lattes near the Aarhus train station at R28

Aside from enjoying the nightlife, we also partook in some other touristy things. We of course walked along the main shopping streets and shopped around for a bit- we even found some good variation from our usual diet of meat and potatoes back on the farm! And a good latte place! Thank the heavens.

It’s me!

On one of the trips we also went to Waxies (a sports bar type place that somebody recommended to us) to watch one of the eurocup matches. It was surprisingly lively, we even had to wait to find a place to sit. Anywho… it was Portugal versus France, and I was pretty content with the Portugal win (Ronaldo is my fav and I feel like Portugal needed the win more) but was surprised to see that Danes were strongly supporting France! Is there some kind of French- Danish relationship I am unaware of, or does everybody just hate Ronaldo?? Haha

One of the most famous pieces in the Aros Museum- very lifelike giant statue

The last significant thing I’d say there is to see is the Aros museum. It’s a contemporary modern art museum that’s got quite the reputation. There’s a wide range of art mediums and it has some really cool pieces and exhibits. Our visit coincided with Robert maplethorpe’s exhibit- an artist who Susi was already familiar with. I definitely didn’t recognise his name, but it turns out I was actually familiar with quite a few of his pieces and I’m sure most people are actually- they’re quite iconic. The exhibit also featured a showing of his life documentary it was super interesting!

One of Maplethorpe’s photos that I actually recognised- It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger

There was also a British artist named Grayson Perry, who has a lot of quirky and kitschy pieces in various abstract art mediums- but I especially liked his docuseries called “In the Best Possible Taste” that follows English people in different social classes and what they consider to be in good taste ! Finally, and probably the most famous part of the museum is the rainbow panorama where you walk along a corridor with rainbow hued glass walls!

Views from the yellow portion of the Rainbow Panorama

Aarhus is a small city that is pretty easy to see in a day or two, but we enjoyed our time there nonetheless.

– Sinceremente, Gigi



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