Back in London for Bakermat

I’m always looking for excuses to get back to London, so a couple of weekends ago I headed back to catch Dutch producer, Bakermat’s, The Circus Part II show.

What’s a trip to London w/o fish & chips?- Poppies Fish & Chips in Camden Town

If you know me, you probably know I’m a fan of exploring and discovering new music, going to concert and shows, and spending too much money on irrational concert/festival ticket purchases.

This was true in Seattle, and it’s true of my life in Spain as well (for better or worse- but mainly for the better I think 😉 ). When I realized that Bakermat was playing in London the weekend of February 18th, I jetted off to to catch his show at the Brixton Electric.

Bakermat presents the Circus II at the Brixton Electric

If you’re at all into deep, electronic, or tropical house, I’d definitely say give him a listen. He reminds me a bit of Griz, as he’s also got jazz and soul influences incoporated into his mixes and music sets! He even  brought out a live saxophonist during the show- so awesome!

Anyways, the show turned out to be amazing, which made the short but expensive trip to London totally worth it. That night there was plenty of dancing and singing, and I even befriended some Londoners who I hung out with for most of the next day. It was totally not what I was expecting when I set out for London as I had planned to visit another friend- which didn’t really end up working out by the way- but it was a fun little turn of events nonetheless.


Saturday morning, I set off with my new friends and we hit up an amazing brunch place called Brickwood Coffee and Bread, which unfortunately I couldn’t really appreciate in the moment since my hungover was completely suppressing my appetite (lol). The brunch spot had a short menu, which I’ve noticed always seems to be a good indicator of the quality of food- a shorter and more concise menu typically means better food- a theory which proved to be true in this case as well. I ordered the brioche French toast with caramelized bananas and bacon, and of course a cappuccino. The cappuccino even had latte art, I repeat LATTE ART! It’s sad how excited that made me, but it’s so hard to come by a well made cappuccino  in Spain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of cafe con leche, but whenever I order anything aside from that in Spain it’s not usually very well executed. Though full disclosure, as a previous barista from Seattle, I’ve gotta say I can be a bit of a coffee snob at times….sooooo, the coffee in Spain is probably just fine, but that latte art cappuccino was a big deal to me. It’s the little things sometimes haha.



This time around, I was also determined to explore some places I’d never before seen in London. Of course I love the city center and super touristy bits, that’s why I keep going back, but I knew there was more and I was determined to see it!

Mad hatter in Camden Town

On my itinerary were Camden, Brixton, and the Notting Hill neighborhoods. I was able to hit up all three places, but unfortunately, I was only really able to give Brixton enough to time since I stayed there both nights. I’m a little bummed that I had such little time in Camden and Notting Hill- they both seems like neighborhoods you could spend hours perusing shops and cafes in- but given that I was there for such a  short amount of time, I think I did the best I could’ve.


So despite things not really turning out how I expected them to, it turned out to be solid weekend. I haven’t planned my next trip to London yet, but I’m sure it won’t be too long from now;) As they’d say in Spanish, “hasta pronto” London!

– Sinceramente, Gigi


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