Salzburg, the Star of Austria (in my opinion)

I’ll keep Salzburg short and sweet because we were only there for a night.

Initially Salzburg was not even a part of our travel plans. Howeverrrr, after realizing that we didn’t love Vienna and had allotted quite a bit of time there, we decided to explore western Austria and take a day trip to Salzburg.


Since it was such a spontaneous decision we obviously hadn’t planned any accommodation. Hostels, hotels, and airbnbs  were still too expensive because of the holidays so we decided to couchsurf again (apparently it was in our destiny to couchsurf in Austria). We planned to arrive in the evening of the 29th of December, and leave around the same time the next day.

Our welcoming host lived in a cozy apartment just a short minute walk from the center. The night we arrived he took us to a place called Zum Fidelen Affen where we enjoyed some very typical (and delicious) Austrian food. After having been severely disappointed by the schnitzel in Vienna, the one in Salzburg was really what we needed to redeem the schnitzel name.

Tasty Austrian meal at Zum Fidelen Affen


The next day we visited the neighboring Austrian alps- where the blistering cold combined with the icy mountain winds made it painful to smile- but the breathtaking (literally) view of the alps made it all worth it.

View of the Austrian Alps


Once back in the city center we strolled around for the rest of the day. It was hard to miss that everything seems to be Mozart themed in Salburg- from Mozart chocolates to Mozart bath rubber duckies, every shop had some form of Mozart memorabilia. I guess this makes sense given that Salzburg is the birthplace of the prolific composer.


Of course, we also did our best to cover the “Sound of Music” sights & locations, including a visit to the Mirabell Palace.

Mirabell Gardens

All in all, though Vienna seems to the the most popular tourist destination in Austria, we found Salzburg to be more quaint and charming then Vienna. If I had to choose, I’d prefer to re-visit Salzburg!

Adorable Vintage clocks in clock shop in Salzburg

– Sinceramente, Gigi


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