Belgium- Don’t listen to what they say, you’re beautiful!

The first stop in my mini eurotrip holiday was was Belgium- and quite frankly it was a destination motivated out of pure thriftiness. As it turns out, departing flights from Brussels to many other European destinations are significantly cheaper than those departing from Madrid. As such, a trip to Brussels was the first pit stop before the start of my quote on quote “eastern euro trip.”


Brussels for what’s it worth, pleasantly surprised me! I think it’s a really underrated city (which I’m not complaining about since flights there are so cheap). From what I gathered the few days I was there, it’s quite a diverse city that has managed to keep its vibrancy and charm despite all the negativity associated with terrorism that has plagued the city as of late.


Anywho, I’m not much of a sweet tooth but I definitely indulged while in Belgium-I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many sweets in such a short period of time. My diet during my stay consisted of- no joke- mainly beer, waffles (of the savory and sweet varieties), Belgian frites (also known as French fries- but don’t tell that to the Belgians- they strongly hold that they’re a national invention), and tons and TONS of chocolate and other sweets. Can’t say that I left the country unsatisfied in the food department.


Aside from the tasty (but unhealthy food) the nightlife in Brussels is also pretty buzzing. My couch-surfing host invited me out two of the nights I was there and both nights turned out to be great. One night was spent at the famous Delirium Bar- where you can try over +1000 beers. Although I wasn’t personally able to try all +1000, I did manage to try a couple of different brews (of these the delirium was probably my favorite). We also met some cool Dutch guys who we ended up meeting up with the second night as well when we went out to a local club to see a trance/house German DJ (Ben Klock) spin until 9:30 AM. Quite an exhausting night, but worth staying up for!


During my stay, I also managed to make it out to one of the two highly recommended neighboring cities, Bruges (unfortunately the other city, Ghent, will have to be saved for another trip as I didn’t find the time to make it out). Bruges definitely had more of a romantic and old city charm than Brussels, but it was also significantly slower paced. Keeping trend with the rest of my trip in Belgium though, I basically ate my way through the city, popping into different sweet shops and sampling and buying more foods and sweets than I would like to admit.


Seeing as I didn’t get to visit Ghent or try all 1000+ beers at delirium, I think a return to Brussels is in my foreseeable future. I’d definitely recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable flight into mainland destination in Europe:)

Sinceramente, Gigi


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