Purity Ring Band- Madrid, Spain

During my last visit to Madrid, our first CS hosts in Madrid (who have now become good friends) mentioned that Purity Ring Band was coming to Madrid in mid-November and I semi invited myself to come haha. So this past weekend, the time was finally came and I set off for Madrid for the concert.


This time around I stayed with the same friends I usually do, but it was the first weekend trip that I took without my roommate Shelby. As nice it is to have a regular travel buddy, and as convenient as it is to travel with your roommate, it was refreshing to each do our own thing for a weekend and travel with some different people. I somehow convinced my other roommate, Matilde, and two other teachers from Valladolid, Venny and Amber, to come along with for the weekend.


It was Venny’s first time in Madrid, so we tried to do a bit of touristing on our first day. Probably the most notable touristy activity of the day was visiting El Prado museum, which I’d never visited but I must admit I was slightly underwhelmed by. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about the artists that are featured in the museum, but I learned that Goya was probably the most notable one. His pieces, among others in the museum, were a bit dark for my liking- still, it was nice to finally visit the world famous museum. That same day, we also stumbled upon (well kind of stumbled upon, we used trip advisor but happened to be super close to) a Mexican restaurant called “Takos al Pastor”. Although tacos is spelled wrong in its name (lol), I decided to give it a go anyways- and I am so glad that I did. Nothing can beat authentic Mexican street tacos, but after being deprived of good Mexican food for around two months this was exactly what I needed. Real corn tortillas are impossible to find in Spain, and somehow, somewhere, this restaurant has managed to find a supply of decent corn tortillas! Bravo!


Later that night, we had the Purity Ring concert to attend. I’ve gotta say it completely exceeded my expectations. The concert was held at a night club called Joy Eslava located in the city center. The stage setup for the concert was beautifully executed, with beaded/lighted type curtains hanging across the stage, and a rounded stage that made the venue feel really intimate. The setup however, was nothing compared to the band’s performance. In my opinion, Purity Ring’s music is good anytime and anywhere, but listening to the band live was another story. They honestly performed better live than I ever could have expected- the lead singer’s voice was enchanting. Before we knew it, the concert was over, but the night was not. We continued to bar/club hop for a couple of hours until finally heading back home.



Our final day was mainly devoted to recovering and exploring the famous street Market called “El Rastro”. Matilde found a couple of great buys, but I think the rest of us were way too spent to even try to sift through all of the bargains at the various market stands.

And then, we were off back to Valladolid.

– Sinceramente Gigi


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