So…why Spain?

It starts with a story- a cheesy one perhaps, but bear with me.

Fall of 2013 I left Seattle for about 4 months time to study in Brighton, England with the intention of seeing as much of Europe as I could along the way. It was my first real ‘abroad’ experience as all other travels had mainly been limited to family vacations in Mexico and Canada- which to be honest, I don’t classify as real travel since I have family in Mexico and grew up in Canada. It was this short, but unforgettable time abroad that awakened a seemingly insatiable desire for travel within me. As most students do, I came back to the states with an extreme case of wanderlust.


It wasn’t long after getting back that I began to explore the plausibility of working in Europe post-graduation. I soon learned that being sponsored by a company to work overseas, especially as a recent graduate is near impossible, and getting any sort of Visa/work permit is just as difficult.

Disappointed with the outlook of finding a job in Europe that was relevant to my major (Business Marketing, minor in Law, Societies, and Justice) I began to research more unconventional types of work. I stumbled across the North American Language and Cultural Assistant program in Spain. I applied, got it, and then begrudgingly declined my placement in Toledo because I convinced myself that it was necessary to get a ‘real’ job instead.


The position I accepted was a recruiting one in Seattle. It didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t like the job. I got another job. I liked it less. All the while, I found myself thinking about the program in Spain time and time again. Unable to get it off my mind, I applied and was lucky enough to be accepted once again. After a lot of personal reflection, pros and cons lists, and mixed reactions from the family and friends I sought opinions from, I decided to just do it. After all, if not now then when?

That brings me to where I am now- sitting in a Cafe in New York, just two weeks from departing for Europe, and honestly I could not be more excited.

– Sinceramente, Gigi


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